Science has become a central part of every child?s education. It has expanded its borders to involve the foundations of scientific exploration and communication of ideas. It touches every part of learning and carries equal status with literacy and maths.

Science to the Rescue


Young Architect


? Geological time ? Orders of animals ? species ? Carbon dating ? Fossils and fossil hunting ? Collections and museums ? Current endangered species


Careers in Science


Blurb, Blurb

Spaceage Leo

Lots of Animals

STEM encyclopedia

The Greats

STEM Global

Simple Machines

Character-led stories introduce pre school children to the science of simple machines and arithmetic. Follow the adventures of Screw, Wedge, Ramp, Pulley, Wheel and Lever as they help each other to perform simple tasks.

Simple Maths

Then learn early arithmetic with the character, Minus, Plus, Multiply, Divide and Equal who introduce the basic number operations.