The earliest years are a time of huge importance in a child?s development. Rapid learning takes place as the brain develops and changes shape. Activities undertaken at this age can actually influence intelligence. The BrambleKids team have created pre-school/kindergarten books and programmes that are sold all over the world. Our new range begins here?

Dice Mice

So much to tell you

Simple Machines

Character-led stories introduce pre school children to the science of simple machines and arithmetic. Follow the adventures of Screw, Wedge, Ramp, Pulley, Wheel and Lever as they help each other to perform simple tasks.

Simple Maths

Then learn early arithmetic with the character, Minus, Plus, Multiply, Divide and Equal who introduce the basic number operations.

Lots of Animals

Fingers & Hands

This absolutely charming series will inspire young children to make fun and brightly coloured animal and other familiar prints. These books make perfect material for both home and classroom use.

Funky Monkey