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BrambleKids has a reputation for exploring innovative concepts and topics in science - our STEM library grows.

Our books are selling successfully in 21 countries to date and in as many territorial languages. They are published by prestigious educational publishers worldwide, reaching children in schools across the globe.

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The STEAM Team

In this exciting and original series of 5 titles, 5 scientists (representing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) come together to pool their knowledge as each one of them constructs a machine or piece of equipment that uses basic knowledge across the 5 sciences.


When you think about bacteria, you might talk about bugs and dirt. But actually bacteria are useful. They’re really important to you and to your health. In fact, you can’t live without them!


These guides highlight the difficulties many young people experience – and explore ways to cope with them. R U in Control? discusses the many benefits of social media and offers suggestions for coping with the negative and sometimes even hidden influences of social media.